7560-02-DT-S Maryland & Pennsylvania Gas Electrics and Passenger

7560-02-DT-S Maryland & Pennsylvania Gas Electrics and Passenger

Olive Green Passenger Cars and Gas Electrics. Circa 1920's through 1950's. Yellow Lettering.

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1 x 7642-02-DT-S New York, Lake Erie & Western Box Car
1 x 8972-03-DT-N Fruit Growers Express Refrigerator Car
1 x 7056-02-DT-S Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Refrigerator Car
1 x 5400-01-DT-G Hetch Hetchy & Yosemite Valley Box Car
1 x 7784-07-DT-N Pennsylvania Steam Locomotive
1 x 9180-05-DT-N North American Despatch Refrigerator Car
1 x 9901-05-DT-CH Product Signs
1 x 5405-01-DT-G Houston East & West Texas Box Car
1 x 7590-01-DT-S Missouri Pacific Box Car
1 x 7348-01-DT-S Detroit & Mackinac Gondola
1 x 7788-04-DT-S Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines Electric Car
1 x 5445-01-DT-G Oahu Railway & Land Co. Box Car
1 x 7056-05-DT-N Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Box Car
1 x 9050-21-DT-S H. J. Heinz Refrigerator Car
1 x 5320-01-DT-G Atlantic & Danville Box Car
1 x 9701-71-DT-CH White 1/8" Gothic Words For Business Signs
1 x 7943-02-DT-N Rutland Box Car
1 x 8818-02-DT-N American Refrigerator Transit Refrigerator Car
1 x 8848-01-DT-N Bergner & Engel Brewing Company Refrigerator Car
1 x 9148-02-DT-N Morrell Refrigerator Line Refrigerator Car
1 x 3887 60 Mesh Nylon Screen
1 x 7616-04-DT-N New York Central Box Car
1 x 9300-08-DT-N Swift Refrigerator Line Refrigerator Car
1 x 7644-31-DT-N New York, New Haven & Hartford Box Car
1 x 9206-06-DT-N Pacific Fruit Express Refrigerator Car
1 x 7550-01-DT-N Maine Central Box Car
1 x 7986-01-DT-N St. Louis Southwestern Box Car
1 x 9344-16-DT-N Union Refrigerator Transit Company Refrigerator Car
1 x 7644-10-DT-N New York, New Haven & Hartford Passenger Car
1 x 8883-01-DT-N Carstens Refrigerator Line Refrigerator Car
1 x 7980-01-DT-N St. Louis, Iron Mountain & Southern Box Car
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